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Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Truth About Mascaras

So everyone knows mascaras supposedly are meant to be thrown out after 3 months and I always think thats a bit of a waste so I wanted to know if that was really true or was it just another money making scheme? I investigated into that and found out some interesting stuff...

Above you can see a picture of the back of my maybelline one by one mascara and as you can see it has a symbol on with 6M in the middle. That is the PAO (Period after opening) symbol and is one that is on all cosmetics saying how long the product should be used for after it has been opened. So depending on your mascara it can be open for that amount of time anyway but here's another thing, mascara has a built in safeguard. It's in the form of preservatives but it takes time between coats to work. That is why people say don't share mascara with friends because the chemicals don't disintergrate all bacteria, thats not the way it works. The preservatives do do quite a lot though. I had a look through my mascaras and found that most had a 6 month PAO symbol.

Still curious I went to talk to my optometrist who said....

"Bacteria may be in your mascara but bacteria is in everything and it doesn't mean its harmful. You should throw eye products away after an eye infection and you should NOT sleep with mascara on !! It is terrible for your eyes but other than that mascara doesn't really expire."

So guys, if you are throwing away £30 mascaras after 3 month, stop it !!

Do you throw your mascaras away ? Are you going to stop ?

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